The flood-damaged 'Short Bridge', Foochow, 1900

The flood damaged ‘Short Bridge’, Foochow, 1900

The flood damaged ‘Short Bridge’, Foochow, 1900, Oswald collection, Os-s091

Flooding in Foochow (Fuzhou) happened often enough.  On night of 29th June 1900, the first arch of ‘The Short Bridge’ on Nantai was washed away – an event recorded in this photograph (Os-s091).  Old Foochow was famous for its many hundreds of old bridges of various types, including the ‘Bridge of Ten Thousand Ages’, superbly photographed by G. Warren Swire (Sw13-135).

For damage to ‘The Long Bridge’ in 1900, see Os-s090 (with similar captioning, in the same hand as Os-s091).  For the 1893 floods, see Os03-096.  In fact, bridges were much favoured by photographers, and a word search for ‘bridge’ is productive.

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