Useful Links

— Agence D’Images de la Défense La Chine dans les fonds de l’ECPAP

— AGSL Digital Photo Archive Asia and Middle East American Geographical Society Library, University of Wisconsin

— Album of photographs of Peking and its environs by Lai Afong (Afong Studio)

— Andrew Hillier

— Archival Collections of Asia Photographs: Asia Photographs at Harvard  An article by Raymond Lum

— Archivo China España 1800-1950

— Asia The National Archives UK – World through a lens

— Asian and Pacific Studies – Historical Photographs Database compiled by Dr T. Matthew Ciolek

— Beijing of Dreams The Chinese History of Science and Culture Foundation

— BnF Gallica (Bibliothèque nationale de France) – search for Chine

— British Empire and Commonwealth Collection (Bristol Archives) For example: Forshaw Collection (ref 2005/068), Hong Kong and Shanghai, 1910-1940. Marriott Collection (ref 1998/028), mostly Hong Kong c.1902 – 1923. Payne Collection (ref 2002/027), Tientsin, 1890s – 1945

— Brush & Shutter: Early Photography in China The Getty Research Institute

— Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA) Photographs by C. F. Moore and others

— Carter D. Holton Collection (Harvard Library) – Especially Northwestern China, 1923-1949

— Charles in Shanghai (Dutch community in Shanghai and Hong Kong) – Pieter Lommerse on flickr

— China The National Archives UK – a selection of albums, whole pages (Flickr)

— China Families A genealogy resource and a sister site to Historical Photographs of China. Search the various records and directories in ‘China Families’ for information about people who lived or worked or sought refuge in China

— China, German Military Adviser, Martin (Photographs relating to Karl Theodor Martin. Collection Gunter Hartnagel, on Flickr.)

— China in WW2  A blog about the 1931-45 Sino-Japanese conflict that shaped modern Asia

— ‘China 1944’ and ‘China Old and New’ Photographs by Dr. Clinton C. Millett

— ‘The China Incident’ Presbyterian Archives Research Centre

— The China Marines (1818-1949)

— China Postcard (Flickr)

— China Rhyming Paul French’s blog

— China Through the Eyes of CIM Missionaries

— China’s Wings Gregory Crouch – CNAC China National Aviation Corporation

— Chinese Maritime Customs Project, 2003-2007 (University of Bristol) – extensive resources, datasets, bibliographies, etc

— The Chinese Revolution, 1927 Henry Sara photographs, at University of Warwick

— Clues to the past: The lost Sino-Japanese war photos  Photographs collected by Zou Dehuai

— Cornell University Library

— Corporal Lennard – images on Flickr from an album compiled by Lance Corporal Tom Lennard, 1st Northamptonshire Regiment (Hong Kong and Weihai, 1927-1929).

— DBHKer Surviving pre-WW2 architecture (Flickr)

— De Lucy Archive, TopFoto Chinese Labour Corps (Photographs by William J. Hawkings)

— Digital Silk Road National Institute of Informatics

— Duke University Libraries List of selected China-related digital collections at North American Universities

— Durham Light Infantry 1920-46 See ‘2 DLI SHANGHAI 1927’, ‘1 DLI CHINA 1937-40’ and ‘CHINA ALBUM’

— East Asia Image Collection Lafayette College Libraries

— Edward Bangs Drew Chinese Maritime Customs Service Photographs Harvard Library

— The Early Shanghai photographs of Pierre Gendron

— Early Photography of China Collection The 19th Century Rare Book and Photograph Shop; Stephan and Jacob Loewentheil. Includes the Ernst Boerschmann archive (architecture)

— Eileen/Don in China Eileen and Donald Littleton (Assistant Harbour Master, CMCS, in Tientsin) on Flickr, from John Lauper

— Europeana Photography Includes Osvald Siren (caves, sculpture etc) and Harry Weber (Hong Kong, 1970s)

— Everyday Life in Maoist China  Features a good list of Chinese photographers.  Search for images via a keyword/tag in the search box.

— Faces of Tientsin, 1946. Photographs by Harold Giedt (Old China Hands)

— Fan Ho 1931-2016 Hong Kong photographer whose work has “lyrical beauty, dramatic power, and poetic grandeur”

— Father Leo Van Dyke collection

— France China Archives China photographs in public and private archives in France, 1840s to the present

— Francis E. Stafford photographs, 1909-1933 Stanford University Libraries

— Francois Nadeau This site includes photographs by Harald Medill Sarkisian (1909-1993)

— Frank Fischbeck Collection (images of Hong Kong) – HKUL

— The Frederick Williamson Collection

— George Ernest Morrison Photographs of China, 1910 State Library New South Wales

— Getty Research Institute Search for ‘China’ – several collections, in particular the following…

— Getty Research Institute Bo lan Zhonghua tu zhi (Herbert Brady album)

— Getty Research Institute G. Prat photograph album of China and Japan

— Getty Research Institute Lai Fong album

— Getty Research Institute Leaves from a disbound album

Getty Research Institute Michel de Maynard lantern slides of early twentieth-century China

— Getty Research Institute People and views of China

— Getty Research Institute Thomas Child photographs

— Getty Research Institute Views and scenes of China

— Getty Research Institute Views from the Iltis in China

— Getty Research Institute Views of China: Copy prints (Oscar Birkett Payne)

— Getty Research Institute Views of Tientsin, Peking, Kiukiang and Ningpo (includes photographs by C.F. Moore)

Giles Family Albums Australian National University Library (Boxer Uprising period)

— Goodbye, Yan’an Second World War photographs by Michael Lindsay

— Gwulo: Old Hong Kong Over 47,000 pages about old Hong Kong

— Haldore Hanson’s China Collection (1937-1938)

— Harrison Forman Collection University of Milwaukee. See also Ro-n0644

— Hedda Morrison Photographs of China, 1933-1946 Harvard Library

— Hedda Morrison’s China China Heritage Quarterly

— The Hillman Stereoview Archive – China Galleries 1-60

— The Hillman Stereoview Archive – China Galleries 61- 100 & Hong Kong Galleries 1-7

— Historic Shanghai

— Historic Shanghai (on Instagram)

— Historical: China, 1901-1945 (includes Hitler Youth in Shanghai. Collection Gunter Hartnagel, on Flickr.)

— Historical, China, Shandong (Collection Gunter Hartnagel, on Flickr.)

— Historical Chinese music images, collected by David Badagnani (Facebook album. Scroll down for the photographic images)

— Historical Chinese Postcard Project: 1896-1920

— Historical Images of Taiwan

— History, empire, China, and things found on the way Professor Robert Bickers’s blog

— History of Photography in China 1839 – ca.1911  Selected Annotated Bibliography The Getty Research Institute

— The Hong Kong Heritage Project (especially Kadoorie Family businesses and interests)

Hong Kong History Centre (University of Bristol)

— Hong Kong In The 1950s Captured By A Teenager (Fan Ho)

— International Mission Photography Archive University of Southern California

— Isabella Bird National Library of Scotland

International Women’s Day | Focus on Isabella Bird

— Joan’s Shanghai Blog

— John Thomson at Wellcome Collection

— John Van Antwerp MacMurray Papers Princeton University Library

— Joseph Needham (Cambridge Digital Library) journals and images

— Joseph Needham Photographs: Wartime China, 1942-1946 Needham Research Institute

— Joseph Rock’s Images Photographs by botanist and explorer Joseph Rock (Harvard University)

— Juan Menarini, Foochow album Archivo China Espagña 1850-1950

— Katya Knyazeva’s scrapbook – Shanghai history and architecture

— Library of Congress Online Catalog (search for ‘China’)

— LIFE magazine

— Luella Delamarte Dawson Photographs of China University of Delaware

— Macau Antigo A blog about old Macau

— Musée Albert-Kahn Search for ‘Chine’ for example

— Musée Français de la Photographie Search for ‘Chine’

— My Oriental Album American sailor’s album, 1930s.

— National Media Museum Photographs by Beato and Thomson, inter alia

— New York Public Library Digital Gallery New York Public Library (Many images, including photographs)

— Nicholas Kitto Hong Kong photographer, exploring treaty port architecture

— North China Railway Archive Thousands of photographs taken in north China during the Sino-Japanese War

— Old Asia Photography Terry Bennett’s site (China picture library images)

— Old China (Flickr)

— Old China Coast Ships Illustrated Fleet lists of Steamship Companies of the China Coast, and the Pearl and Yangtze Rivers

— Old Photographs Fever – The Search for China’s Pictured Past BBC Radio 4 documentary about the HPC project

— The Photographic Heritage Foundation (Hong Kong images, including by Lee Fook Chee)

— Photographs by Robert Carl Cohen, 1957 and 1978

— Photography of China This platform includes old and new images, also interviews and a good list of links

— Photographs of China, 1910 / from the papers of George Ernest Morrison State Library New South Wales

— Photos of Shanghai During the First Half of the 20th Century (China Smack)

— Pinterest  Albert Kahn, and more

— Retro View of Mankind’s Habitat – China Gallery (4,238 images)

— Retro View of Mankind’s Habitat – Shanghai images on maps

— The Rev. Claude L. Pickens, Jr. Collection on Muslims in China Harvard Library

— Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam – For example: ALBUM – De Englese gemeenschap in China, Sjanghai, Peking, Foochow en Swatow, anonymous, c.1879-c.1890 and Made in China

— Robert Henry Chandless Photographs University of Washington

— Royal Asiatic Society China Glass Slides

— Royal BC Museum, Victoria, BC, Canada Photographs by Charles Frederick Moore (1838-1916)

— Royal BC Museum, Victoria, BC, Canada Photographs of Guangzhou (Canton) in 1858 by Major General Sir John Frederick Crease (c1837-1907)

— Royal Collection Trust Search for ‘China’ and select Object category ‘Photographs’ in the tab ‘WHAT’, for photos by Corporal John Wotherspoon (Canton, 1858), Baron Raimund von Stillfried (Hong Kong, 1881-1882) and others

— Royal Geographical Society Picture Library  For example, search for ‘China’ in ‘Historical Collection’.  Includes photographs by Mrs Isabella Lucy Bishop (née Bird) and E.H. Wilson.

— Royal Ontario Museum ROM Collections

— School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS) Archives & Special Collections

Selected digital collections from North American Universities (a good list and guide by Duke University Libraries)

— Serve the People! Slides by William A. Joseph

— Sha Fei Photographic Collection 1940s wartime

— Shackford Collection of Photographs of China

— Shanghai 1937 Photographs by Karl Kengelbacher

— Shanghai Art Deco

— Shanghai Street Stories Photojournalism and street photography of Shanghai

— Shanghai That Was (before 1939) (Flickr)

— Sidney D. Gamble Photographs Duke University

— Sikhs in Shanghai A blog by Meena Vathyam

— Sir Robert Hart Photograph Collection Queen’s University Belfast

— Solange Brand – Chine, 1966

— Soldiers of the Queen – A Virtual Museum of Antique Victorian-era British Military Photographs and Associated Biographical Research

— Stereograph Cards Library of Congress

— T.C. Chamberlin Collection Beliot College Digital Collections

— Terry Bennett ‘History of Photography in China’ (three volumes published by Bernard Quaritch Ltd)

— Terry Bennett Collection of Early China Photographs (PCN – The Photographic Collections Network)

— Tess in Shanghai Tess Johnston’s site

— Thomas H. Hahn Docu-images Gallery of documentary and historical photographs of China (Ernst Ohlmer, Osvald Siren, C.E. Lemunyon, Jozef R. Michalik and more)

— Tianjin au temps des concessions étrangères sous l’objectif d’André Bontemps (1931-1935) 24 films and 500 images of Tianjin

— The Tibet Album British Photography in Central Tibet 1920-1950

— A Tour of Old Canton Presbyterian Archives Research Centre

Toyo Bunko Contemporary Chinese Studies Reference Room/Digital Library Collection

Toyo Bunko – ‘Asia Taikan’ database

Toyo Bunko – photographs taken in China in the early 1940s by Eiichi Kashiwabara (1914-2009)

— Trans Asia Photography Review Journal

— Travels in Southwest China (photographs by Fritz Weiss)

— Turn of the century China Images on Flickr from the Cadbury Research Library, University of Birmingham

— Villages Academica Sinica

— Virtual Beijing Institut d’Asie Orientale, University of Lyon

— Virtual Shanghai: Shanghai Urban Space in Time Institut d’Asie Orientale, University of Lyon

— Virtual Suzhou Institut d’Asie Orientale, University of Lyon

— Virtual Tianjin: Tianjin Under Nine Flags University of Bristol and Institut d’Asie Orientale, University of Lyon

— Virtual Wuhan Institut d’Asie Orientale, University of Lyon

— Visualising China Blog The blog site of Historical Photographs of China, University of Bristol

— Wattis Fine Art Details of some photographers who worked in China

— Werner von Boltenstern Shanghai Photograph and Negative Collection (1937-49, especially Jewish community)

— Werner von Boltenstern Shanghai Photograph and Negative Collection – Online Archive of California

— World Digital Library (Library of Congress)

— Yad Vashem Photo Collections – photographs tagged with the keyword ‘China’

— Yang, Etudiant Ouvrier en 1920 See images in ‘Documents’

— Yuezhong Museum of Historical Images (MoHI)  Shezhen, China

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