Photographs of photographers: Maude Carrall

Muriel Carrall taking a picture at the 'Blossoms'

Maude Carrall taking a picture at the 'Blossoms', Carrall collection, ca02-066

The ‘Blossoms’ looks like an orchard of either apple or cherry trees, which was probably in, or close to, Chefoo (Yantai).  It must have been a favourite springtime picnic spot for the Carrall family, as their photograph albums hold several snaps recording their picnics and outings there, on several different dates.

By 1902, outings weren’t outings without cameras – and this photograph of Maude Carrall taking a photograph, was taken by Mr Forsyth.  Maude Carrall was one of the daughters of James Wilcocks Carrall, whose long career (1868-1902) in the Chinese Maritime Customs Service, culminated as Commissioner of Customs in Chefoo.  He was to die in May, shortly after this Sunday picnic trip to the ‘Blossoms’.

See other photographs in the album compiled by Maude Carrall (Ca02), many of which would have been taken by her, perhaps with a Kodak box camera.  These two ‘Blossoms’ images also include cameras (and so photographers): Ca02-106 and Ca02-110.

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