Year of the Dragon update

Since we launched this site in July we’ve been busy adding more images, awhile you’ve been busy adding comments, suggesting details and identifying people and places to us in the images we already have. We’re not able to thank our to site-users personally, but we are grateful for the interest users have been taking. Thank you and 谢谢!

We have also been locating new sets of materials and digitising them, extending our chronological range and the number of places and subjects covered. Making digital copies is a much faster business than properly uploading them to the site, so there is always a significant time-lag between our being introduced to a collection and our being able to incorporate it here.

We will be tweaking the Visualising China homepage just a little in the near future to better highlight this blog, which from now on is going to be regularly updated with news about the project’s work: new collections spotted or digitised, connections between collections noted (in one case it was a football match which did it), as well as news about related initiatives and sites. We’ll also be writing about some of our favourite images from the collections.

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